Economy for Infants
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Kid wants to understand the society very early, when he sees his parents talking about him. Economy consists to understand the society’s movements, to improve it. We give to an infant whom knows reading the opportunity to understand the real economy, whose supports agriculture and industries.

This book allows you to understand society, whose your family is part of. After answering the question why, we will explain the society. Then we explain how it is possible to have all of this today. Later, you will be able to read his sequel, the Economy for Children.

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Why that Is Rare Is Expensive?
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Article published on 26 September 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

Your mom probably likes rings. But she does not want anything as a ring. She wants gold or diamond rings. Gold is yellow metal. The diamond is a transparent stone, a crystal in fact. At first these two elements were rare.

Now we can produce diamonds compressing stones. Also those who own gold have a lot of money. Now, it is the gold rings that are more valuable than the rings with a diamond without gold. Traffickers use this desire to own to raise prices. Thus gold is worth more and more expensive. Diamonds have fallen significantly in price when they could be produced a lot.

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What would you like to own? Is it easy for you to own it?

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