Economy for Infants
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Kid wants to understand the society very early, when he sees his parents talking about him. Economy consists to understand the society’s movements, to improve it. We give to an infant whom knows reading the opportunity to understand the real economy, whose supports agriculture and industries.

This book allows you to understand society, whose your family is part of. After answering the question why, we will explain the society. Then we explain how it is possible to have all of this today. Later, you will be able to read his sequel, the Economy for Children.

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What Is Appropriation?
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Article published on 30 September 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

There are two types of movements in society. Either new owners are displayed. An owner is someone whom owns at least one house. These owners therefore own their home. Few owners have more and more things. Indeed, if some owners own money creation, they can buy everything. Indeed money is not necessarily created for everyone.

Those who buy their money are then dispossessed, more and more. Thus, when the currency belongs to the country, to the nation-state, there is a growth’s movement of new owners. Otherwise, those who own the money drive up prices on that they buy, so houses. Thus the price of houses increases too much. Then, when they have bought too many houses, they buy the rest, especially the intermediaries whom sell the products. Every prices rise then. So the dispossessed can not buy anything anymore. There is a revolt, or the currency becomes public and belongs to the state. Then there is a creation’s movement of owners.

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Is it easy to become a homeowner right now?

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