Economy for Infants
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Kid wants to understand the society very early, when he sees his parents talking about him. Economy consists to understand the society’s movements, to improve it. We give to an infant whom knows reading the opportunity to understand the real economy, whose supports agriculture and industries.

This book allows you to understand society, whose your family is part of. After answering the question why, we will explain the society. Then we explain how it is possible to have all of this today. Later, you will be able to read his sequel, the Economy for Children.

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Why do some People Own Everything ?
by Matthieu Giroux
on Friday 2 November 2018

The answer is that some rich people have the right to create money. If only one person owns the money, he only uses it for himself. On the other hand, if a community, like a country, owns the money, the money benefits the whole country. Thus the country grows. Otherwise it regresses.
My Notes
Ask your parents if currency is public or private. They may answer you with difficulty.