Economy for Infants
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Kid wants to understand the society very early, when he sees his parents talking about him. Economy consists to understand the society’s movements, to improve it. We give to an infant whom knows reading the opportunity to understand the real economy, whose supports agriculture and industries.

This book allows you to understand society, whose your family is part of. After answering the question why, we will explain the society. Then we explain how it is possible to have all of this today. Later, you will be able to read his sequel, the Economy for Children.

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What is Work ?
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Article published on 25 October 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

Understanding the work’s basis is very recent, so it is difficult to understand. Work is producing projects. A project is a goal to achieve, with a beginning and an end. You probably know it a little, probably without being told.

In economics, we now know that work is provided by energy. But what is energy? Well when you work you move and you can be hot. Heat is an energy production. When the air is hot, it means that the sun has brought energy to earth.

The economy measures how to produce useful work. We now know that economics measures energy to make things. The more energy is dense on one point, the more works can be done.

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Read the beginning of Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot’s book, on wikisource.

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